The Association for Innovative Technology Integration in Education is a professional association of academic and non-academic media specialist, instructional designers, distant education specialists, and other stakeholders interested in improving teaching and learning through innovative and creative use of technology.
The Association focuses on policies as well as technical issues and best practices required for success in technology application for both conventional on-campus and distance education (blended, synchronous and asynchronous online education, etc.)...

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Our New Account Number

Dear Members,
The association has discontinued the old account number (Diamond Bank), and we now have a new one with the First City Monument Bank as detailed below. 
Kindly route all your transactions with the association to the new account number

Bank Name: First City Monument Bank
Acct Name: Association for Inno...>Thank You


Our Vision

To be the foremost professional association in the integration of technologies for teaching, learning, research and administrative purposes in conventional and distance education settings.

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Our Mission

We seek to be a force for qualitative accessible education, through the promotion of scholarship and best practices in the design, development, use, and innovative management of technologies for effective teaching and learning in a variety of educational settings.

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Our Values

  • Access to Quality Education
  • Excellence
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Team Work
  • Continuing Technical or Professional Education
  • Association, Institutions & Industry Collaboration

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Upcoming Event

The International Conference and Workshop on Innovation, Technology and Education is an annual gathering of academics, technocrats and stakeholders in the field of education. The conference stand to facilitating interaction towards meaningful discussion in 21st  century technology integration in Education cum special hands-on workshop on the use of technology to facilitating teaching and learning. 


Technology Integration for Instructional Delivery in Institutions and Performance Enhancement in Non-Educational Settings

Sub Themes:

  • Enablers of ICT Integration for Training and Professional Development in Corporate Development
  • ICT in Higher Education Service Delivery
  • Technology Integration for Distance Education
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Conceptual understanding of Technology in Institutional Instructional Delivery and Performance Enhancement in Non-educational Settings
  • Elements of Service Delivery and Instruction: Service Culture, Employee Engagement, Service Quality and Customer Experience
  • Emergency Remote Teaching/Training (ERT) in Instructional Delivery
  • Endemic, Epidemic and Pandemic Factors: Technology and Instructuional Teaching/Training
  • Institutional and Self-Development through Technology for Instruction or Training
  • Free and Open SOurce Software (FOSS) and Access to Technology Tools for Instruction or Training
  • Online Assessment, U-proctoring, Evidential Evaluation for Instruction or Training
  • Impact of Advances in Instructional Technology for Training
  • Flexible Delivery Option through Technology for Instruction or Training
  • Affodances of Learning Technology for Instruction or Training
  • Open Educational Resources for Instruction or Training

August 08th, 2021

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