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Association for Innovative Technology Integration in Education


The Association for Innovative Technology Integration in Education is a professional association of academic and non-academic media specialist, instructional designers, distant education specialists, and other stakeholders interested in improving teaching and learning through innovative and creative use of technology. The Association focuses on policies as well as technical issues and best practices required for success in technology application for both conventional on-campus and distance education (blended, synchronous and asynchronous online education, etc.).

The Association membership cuts across specialists in higher educational institutions, governmental ministries and agencies, industry; museums, libraries, and several other places where members creatively plan and implement innovative technology integration for instruction. Presently, the association has membership across the 36 states of Nigeria. The Association has four Special Interest Groups: Assistive Technology, Digital Game-based Learning, Distance Education, and E-Learning.

Our Vision

To be the foremost professional association in the integration of technologies for teaching, learning, research and administrative purposes in conventional and distance education settings.

Our Mission

We seek to be a force for qualitative accessible education, through the promotion of scholarship and best practices in the design, development, use, and innovative management of technologies for effective teaching and learning in a variety of educational settings.

Our Values

The following principles guide our work and define the mission of AITIE:

  • Access to Quality Education: a commitment to access to quality education for all, irrespective of location, gender, race, religion, disability, etc., as education is human rights and an instrument for poverty alleviation and sustainable human development;
  • Excellence: promotion of quality research, teaching, learning, and life changing scholarship and value-based service, through innovative use of technology
  • Innovation and Creativity: encouragement of intellectual inquisitiveness through the promoting of technology for enhanced lifelong learning
  • Team Work: encouragement of collaboration among individual and institutional members and promotion of shared values in the integration of information and communication technology in all aspects of education;
  • Continuing Technical or Professional Education: promotion of quality technical and professional education for members and graduates already in workforce;
  • Association, institutions and industry collaboration: encouraging closer social, and economic ties among the Association, other professional associations, educational institutions, and the industry;
  • Academic and professional integrity: commitment to maintaining academic quality and standards, and integrity in all programmes of the association;
  • Resources for teaching and learning: commitment to providing resources for teaching, learning, research, and administration in conventional and distance education settings; and
  • Professionalism: expertise and judgment of educational technology and related media professionals are critical to successful integration of technology in education. AITIE maintains the highest professional standards, and expects the status, compensation, and respect due all professionals.

Our Partners

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